If you were unable to attend classes due to a serious accident or illness, and this prevented you from notifying the University of your withdrawal in a timely manner, a Withdrawal Date Appeal Form can be submitted for consideration by an Appeals Committee.

Appeals are submitted AFTER completing the official withdrawal process with the ’Cane Success Center and must include supporting documentation as to what prevented a timely notification. 

Appeals must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar within 30 calendar days of the official withdrawal date established with the ’Cane Success Center. If the appeal is being submitted for a semester that has already completed, it must be submitted within 30 calendar days of the last day of the end of the semester in question.

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Appeal Process

1. First, initiate an official withdrawal request for the semester in question, through the ‘Cane Success Center, by following the withdrawal process outlined at miami.edu/withdrawal.

2. Complete this form.

3. Attach a personal statement that includes an explanation of the circumstances that interfered with your ability to withdraw in a timely fashion.
a) Appeals should be written by the student and fully explain the student’s experience.
b) IF the student is incapable of submitting an appeal on their own behalf, please contact the Office of the Registrar for further assistance at 305-284-2294.

4. Include support documentation to corroborate the circumstances referenced in your appeal.
a) Any testimony related to the events surrounding your appeal should be from people directly involved in the event and/or subsequent recovery (do not include support letters from family or friends).
b) All documentation, medical or other relevant documentation, must be provided at the time of the appeal.
c) When submitting medical documentation:
  • Only submit documents from the doctor or medical facility that are directly related to the injury or diagnosis or recovery;
  • Documentation must be from a certified health care provider and submitted in English. If necessary, provide an English translation;
  • Do not submit insurance documents, prescriptions, or prescription pad notes.

Appeal Guidelines

1. The Appeal Form must be submitted within 30 calendar days from the date of withdrawal from the University or, if the appeal is being submitted for a prior semester, it must be submitted within 30 calendar days of the last day of the end of the semester in question.
2. Only one term may be appealed for a particular incident.