15 to Finish

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The 15 to Finish initiative encourages students to take 15 credits per semester and graduate on time in four years. Earning your degree on time minimizes expenses and paves the way for success in your career path. The effect is gaining the discipline needed to achieve your very best in today’s world.

15 to finish calculation 

Taking 15 credits per semester helps you:

15 to finish grad Finish college faster

  • 15 credits per semester (30 credits per year) equals a completion of 120 credit hours in four years.
  • Studies show that students who enroll in 15 credits their first semester are more likely to graduate than students who attempt to ease into college by starting off with just 12 credits.
  • Successfully completing 15 credits each term helps you focus, organize, and get better grades.
  • Graduating in four years* shows future employers you’re dependable and driven.

*Some programs at the University of Miami require more than 120 credits. 

15 to finish money Save money

Why earn just 12 credits when you can earn 15 or more for the same cost? Taking 15 credits (or more) each term means you can:

  • Save over $11,500 in tuition per year.
  • Fewer student loans = less debt.
  • Begin your career with a full-time salary sooner. 

15 to finish pride Stand out from the crowd

Forbes magazine listed a set of skills that employers are looking for in candidates, many of which can be learned by handling a 15-credit course load. Graduating in four years can reflect:

  • Strong time management skills
  • A goal-oriented mind-set
  • Dedication
  • Commitment
  • A “can-do” attitude 

You have what it takes, and the University of Miami is here to back you up every step of the way. Tap into:

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