Reaching Graduation

Satisfactory Academic Progress

All University of Miami undergraduate students receiving financial aid through federal aid sources, including the Federal Direct PLUS Loan, must maintain at least a minimum cumulative GPA and credit hour completion rate to receive financial assistance. 

15 to Finish

The 15 to Finish initiative encourages students to take 15 credits per semester and graduate on time in four years. Earning your degree on time minimizes expenses and paves the way for success in your career path. The effect is gaining the discipline needed to achieve your very best.

'Canes Complete

The ’Canes Complete program helps students who wish to return to school overcome the unique challenges that come with college readmission.

Toppel Career Center

The Toppel Career Center helps you every step along your path to career success. Whether you’re looking to solidify your interests or skills, to get ready for a job or internship interview, or to make connections that will launch your career, Toppel is here to help.


Review all the information you need to know for commencement and how to apply for graduation through CaneLink during your final term prior to the deadline for the next commencement ceremony.

15 to finish