The transition from high school to college can be difficult. The GPAid program was developed to get you back on track. Count on the structure, support, and resources to help you excel academically, both now and throughout your years as a ’Cane. This program takes place in the spring term and is available by invitation only.

To reserve your place in the program, be sure to submit the commitment form sent to your UM email.

Program Goals


Identify and acknowledge barriers to your academic success.


Improve organization, time management, and priority setting.


Increase engagement with the University’s support services, resources, and student community.


Improve your GPA.


Reward yourself for the hard work!


Student Success

of GPAid participants said they would recommend the program to other students.
Fall 2019 to Spring 2020 Average GPA Difference
 increase in term GPA on average for past GPAid participants.

"The staff took real interest in making sure each student succeeded."
–Reece M.

"Optimistic, encouraging, and supportive."
–Daniela S.

"GPAid provided a means for me to understand how to approach college, stay organized, and stay on track."
–Elijah L.

Program Requirements

As part of the GPAid program, you’ll participate in the following required activities to get back on track:

1. Complete a self-assessment to understand challenges that impacted your first semester in college.

2. Participate in a small-group workshop focused on time-management, test-taking, and note-taking skills.

3. Attend an orientation to set strategies for the upcoming spring semester and understand program benefits and responsibilities.

4. Attend four dedicated one-on-one advising sessions with your academic liaison.


Impact on Your Financial Aid

If you complete all requirements of the GPAid program, you will be eligible for the following additional benefits for the subsequent fall semester:

1. Merit scholarship recipients — If you earn a minimum 3.0 term GPA at the end of spring, you will have your UM merit scholarship honored, in warning status, for the following fall semester.

2. Other financial aid recipients — If you have a CSS Profile, a current year tax document on file, and you meet your term GPA requirements at the end of the spring then 100 percent of your demonstrated need will be awarded for the subsequent fall term. A Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeal may have to be completed if your required cumulative GPA is not met.

Submit the commitment form and get back on track to academic success!