Make the most of your second year

Now that your first year of college is behind you, explore enriching activities to sharpen your academic, professional, and social skills. Sophomore Bucket List activities are designed to connect you with experiences and develop habits that will create a foundation for your career and life.

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Take a free fitness assessment at the Herbert Wellness Center.

Now that you are more comfortable with your surrounding at UM, it is time to dedicate some attention to your physical well-being!

Meet with your advisor to review your Degree Progress Report (DPR).

Determining your path to graduation and planning ahead with your advisor will allow for the flexibility to enrich your academic experience.

Before you tackle your next major paper or project, schedule an appointment with the Learning Commons.

Whether you are interested in becoming a better writer, or more proficient with analyzing data, the Learning Commons in the Richter Library is a great way to expand your academic skills and developing good working habits.

Attend a Study Abroad information session.

Experience the life and culture of another country and get some credits that count towards your UMiami degree from a University abroad! 

Visit the Office of Undergraduate Research and Community Outreach to familiarize yourself with current opportunities.

Dedicating time during your sophomore year to research-based learning will elevate your academic experience to new heights.

Participate in a Butler Center Service Day event.

By volunteering in a group at the Butler Center, you will connect with people who share common interests while strengthening your bond with your community and enhancing your support network.

Attend a career exploration event at the Toppel Career Center.

UM offers a variety of programs such as company information sessions, on-campus interviews, Career Conversations, career fairs, and more!

Attend a Money Talks Series workshop to enhance your ability to make educated financial choices.

Enhance your personal finance education by attending a free Money Talks session, part of the Money Management Program (MMP)—UM’s first student financial education initiative.

Explore the Office of Civic and Community Engagement catalog and plan to take an Academic Service-Learning Course.

Take an Academic Service-Learning Course, which will link the classroom and community through transformative, hands-on, and experiential education.

Participate in a Multicultural Dialogue event, hosted by the Multicultural Student Center.

These programs celebrate cultural differences and give people space to participate in multicultural dialogues regarding issues of personal and collective notions of race, ethnicity, and culture.

Visit the Miami Hurricane newsroom and business office and explore the opportunities to be part of the news.

Writing about something that you are passionate about is the best way to develop your writing skills, and there are many ways to do just that with the Miami Hurricanes.

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